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Stephanie Goodrich v. Thomas Nelson – Tried to verdict in Broward County, Florida – November 2015

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Attorney Michael Robb was successful in obtaining a defense verdict in the face of a 7 million dollar demand by the Plaintiff. This case involved the Plaintiff being struck by the Defendant as he turned left in front of her on A1A in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a result of the accident the Plaintiff lost her job making $250,000 as a telecommunications specialist after having an orange sized portion of her brain removed. Mr. Robb was able to take the Plaintiff’s trial testimony as to when she saw the Defendant’s car turning , and channeling his best Joe Pesci from the movie My Cousin Vinny, used a tape measure held by his client in the witness box to walk to the back of the courtroom to demonstrate how much distance she had to stop her bike. The jury found no liability on Mr. Robb’s client Nelson. The case was featured in The Daily Business Review.

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